is on a mission to enhance communication between people and businesses. We developed an artificial intelligence platform that uses chatbots and machine learning to automate conversations between businesses and customers via chat.

Over 1 million messages have been managed by our technology in a variety of industries: banking, pharmaceutical, publishing, luxury and many more. We’re looking for people to help us distribute our technology all across the globe.

We need a one-of-a-kind problem solver, passionate about programming who can deeply empathize with people's needs and come up with unique solutions.

About Our Team (Ai Team)
We are mathematical engineers with experience in Machine/Deep Learning and a deep knowledge of Natural Language Processing. We are strongly convinced that the key to our success is to understand deeply the problem and develop custom solutions that fit the job.

Candidate's Responsibilities
You will be responsible of developing and implementing Machine Learning models on large datasets of texts. You will know all the secrets of the network transformers that today reach the state of the art in almost all NLP tasks. You will test and implement different tasks and models to give super powers to our platform, improving the performances and to keep up with the state-of-the-art in the NLP field.

Skills & Tech
The skills we believe a successful candidate should have are:

  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structure, Object Oriented Programming
  • Expertise in Python
  • Statistical knowledge
  • Understanding the mathematical theory behind main machine learning algorithms
  • Deep Learning experience
  • PLUS: Experience in a research project, involved in the development part
  • PLUS: Experience in the Natural Language Processing field

You will have the opportunity to leverage our basecode and learn some of the cutting edge tools and techs we work with on a daily basis.

You are the right person if:

  • you did a MsC or PhD in quantitative fields like Software Development or Engineering
  • you are passionate about programming
  • you are passionate about researching and problem solving
  • you have at least experience in analyzing and developing a ML model, even in a university project

Why join us?

  • Our passion for Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing: an exploding research field where every 6 months a new revolutionary approach pops out
  • Our killer team: we are looking for the best engineers (quality is better than quantity)
  • Possibility of remote working
  • Amazing coworking in the center of Milan